Salmon Confidential: Solidarity and Fundraising Event

Salmon farms on the BC coast have catapulted to the top of the political agenda, as increasing controversy and pressure from wild salmon defenders now dominates the news. To support awareness at this critical juncture in BC coastal history, the Comox Valley chapter of the Council of Canadians will host an encore screening of the 2014 documentary Salmon Confidential on Thursday, Nov. 16, 7pm at the Stan Hagen Theatre at North Island College.

The film was produced by Twyla Roscovich, the young BC filmmaker who died earlier this year in Campbell River. Her provocative film follows biologist and coastal icon Alexandra Morton as she tackles the multinational salmon farming industry and contests government science which maintains, despite her evidence to the contrary, that Atlantic salmon farming is safe for the ocean and our food supply.

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Chapter Activist Gwyn Frayne passes away

Gwyn and Maude - Forum

The Council of Canadians is mourning the passing of Comox Valley chapter activist Gwyn Frayne.

Gwyn’s activism with the Council of Canadians was noted in numerous campaign blogs. Notably, she spoke out against frackingthe Raven coal mine, high tuition fees for university students, the Northern Gateway pipeline, the purchase of F-35 fighter jetsdeep integration with the United States, and on many other issues. She was also a keen supporter of the Peaceful Direct Action Coalition. Continue reading