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Send a message to the new Minister of Democratic Institutions

make-every-vote-countMP Karina Gould of Burlington is the new Minister of Democratic Institutions.

Although Ms Gould has in the past expressed support for replacing Canada’s first-past-the-post voting system, since her new appointment, she has remained non-commital.

Send a message to Minister Gould. Let her know that proportional representation is important to you and that you are committed to holding the government accountable for its campaign promise of electoral reform. Click here for letter writing points and contact information.letter-to-minister-gould

A Vision for 2017

1. We protect Canada’s water and start with re-instating the water laws gutted by the Harper government.

2. We stop building pipelines and start to move away from our dependence on extreme energy, tar sands oil and fracking.

3. We tax corporations at the pre-Harper level and go after offshore tax havens. This would free up badly needed billions.

4. We stop equating corporate-dominated trade agreements with “openness to the world” and negotiate trade that serves the people.

5. We create a national pharmacare program (remembering that CETA and TPP would prevent this crucial next step in health for all).

6. We continue to build alliances with organized labour and support workers against globalization and unjust practices everywhere.

7. We recognize, honour and defend the leadership shown by First Nations in the fight for environmental and social justice.

8. We promise to protect the public trust and not allow public assets such as water services to be sold to the private sector.

9. We bring the rule of law to Canadian mining companies behaving terribly in some countries of the global South.

10. We remember in all our foreign policy that peace can only come if accompanied by justice. May we serve that goal always.

Maude Barlow – Chairperson, Council of Canadians

2016 Community Action Award

Janet Fairbanks and Wayne Bradley recipients of 2016 Community Action Award

The Comox Valley Council of Canadians, at their annual Holiday Potluck dinner held on Dec. 9, were pleased to present the Chapter’s 2016 Community Action Award to locally-based community advocates Janet Fairbanks and Wayne Bradley.

“Both Fairbanks and Bradley are well-known political and environmental activists who have successfully raised the profile of the Comox Valley as a socially conscious community throughout BC,” notes Chapter member, Linda Safford.

Leaders and founders of the World Community Development and Education Society, Fairbanks and Bradley are the key organizers of the ground-breaking World Community Film Festival, now in its 26th year. This flagship event, and BC’s longest running social justice documentary film festival, continues to grow and attract concerned citizens and activists from across Vancouver Island, our province and far beyond. Strong community advocates, Fairbanks and Bradley are constantly working to foster a greater awareness through education to the social, economic and environmental consequences our actions generate not only at home, but to those around the world.

“They are always looking for community-based development opportunities in support of their vision for a more just and sustainable world,” says Safford.

The Chapter presents their Community Action Award to the group or individual who has, throughout the course of the year, actively demonstrated progressive action in the community. Groups previously recognized with the prestigious award include Walking with our Sisters, Coal Watch, Water Watch and Dawn to Dawn.


Stop Kinder Morgan Vigil

About 100 people showed up November 21 by Lewis Park in Courtenay as part of a national day of action in opposition to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline project. The Comox Valley Chapter was there to send a message to Prime Minister Trudeau that we want him to honour his climate commitments, respect indigenous rights and invest in sustainable energy projects.

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Stop Site C

site-cA new poll conducted by Insights West, sponsored by readers of DeSmog Canada, found that 73 per cent of British Columbians support sending the Site C dam for an independent review of both costs and demand, as recommended by the Joint Review Panel in its 2014 report.

Seven in 10 respondents supported pausing construction of Site C to investigate alternatives to meet future power demand.

It’s not too late to stop this project!  Use the letter writing points and contact info in the link below to tell the BC and the federal government to put Site C on pause. site-c

Comox Valley Chapter Submission on the TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a wide-reaching trade agreement between Canada, the U.S., Mexico and nine other Pacific Rim countries. It was negotiated in secret by the Harper government.

Prime Minister Trudeau has promised to listen to Canadians’ concerns about the TPP and act on what he hears. The window for the public to send briefs has been extended to January 27, 2017 – so we need to keep the pressure on!

After years of secret talks where only cleared advisors and lobbyists were consulted – with no input from Parliament, civil society organizations, or people like you – a full democratic accounting of this far-reaching deal is long overdue.

If the TPP is ratified corporations will have unprecedented privilege and power. And it will directly affect you, your family, your community and the future of Canada.

To read the Comox Valley Chapter’s submission to the TPP consultation process, click tpp-submission

For more information about submitting a brief – or for points to include in a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, click here.

Support Public Health Care

Sign the federal e-petition for free parking at hospitals and medical clinics

How much do you know about universal pharmacare? Take the quiz.

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LFG Townhall Video

Liquefied Fracked Gas: Risky Economic and Ecological Business.

lng-tankerA video of the townhall event with Emma Lui, national water campaigner for the Council of Canadians and Ben Parfitt, policy analyst for Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The BC government has made extravagant claims about the benefits to British Columbians regarding LNG development – but were they just election promises? Realistically, how many jobs will be created? The lower global prices, an increased supply of natural gas on the market, and a tax and royalty regime that has been roundly criticized for favouring industry, will there be any significant economic benefits for British Columbians? What will the consequences be for our environment and for Canada’s climate change commitments? How does the Site C dam fit into the picture? What are the effects of fracking on our fresh water supplies?

Thanks to Kayla McDonald Video Productions and Chris Smith of Heavyset Media for donating their time, equipment and expertise to the Comox Valley Council of Canadians in the making of this video.

CV Council of Canadians AGM and Chapter Chat

We welcome you to join in the AGM as we share the Chapter’s news and updates in a agmreview of our campaigns and activities over the past year. In addition, you’re invited to give input on areas in which the Chapter should move forward and the challenges that remain in front of us. With the provincial election just around the corner, now is the time to determine which issues we want the parties to address in their platforms. Continue reading