Comox Valley Regional Growth Strategy

1: Housing
Ensure a diversity of housing options to meet evolving demographics and needs.

2: Ecosystems, Natural Areas and Parks
Protect, steward and enhance the natural environment and ecological connections and systems.

3: Local Economic Development
Achieve a sustainable, resilient and dynamic local economy that supports Comox Valley businesses and the region’s entrepreneurial spirit.

4: Transportation
Develop an accessible, efficient and affordable multi-modal transportation network that connects Core Settlement Areas and designated Town Centres and links the Comox Valley to neighbouring communities and regions.

5: Infrastructure
Provide affordable, effective and efficient services and infrastructure that conserves land, water and energy resources.

6: Food Systems
Support and enhance the agricultural and aquaculture sectors and increase local food security.

7: Public Health and Safety
Support a high quality of life through the protection and enhancement of community health, safety and well-being.

8: Climate Change
Minimize regional greenhouse gas emissions and plan for adaptation.

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