Celebrate Our Heritage with the Oh Canada! Team Trivia Night Fundraiser

Just how Canadian are you, eh? Quiz: What is Canada’s official tree?

In the spirit of the Canada Day birthday celebration, the Comox Valley Council of Canadians is hosting their 12th annual Oh Canada! Team Trivia Night Fundraiser. This highly anticipated, Great Canadian Trivia event takes place Saturday, June 16 in the Rotary Hall of Courtenay’s Filberg Center.

This is the perfect time for lovers of laughter, amusing facts and collectors of Canadian trivia to gather some brilliant (or not) buddies, and prepare for a rousing, action-packed, team trivia showdown of Canuck wisdom!

“Quizmaster Michael Walton and trivia-buff partner Marianne Bell have been gathering a series of questions that are guaranteed to challenge the wits of our most patriotic Canucks,” says Kathie Woodley, one of the event’s organizers. “We always enjoy an entertaining evening filled with humour and laughter – along with a few moans and groans – as we test our knowledge of all things that make us uniquely Canadian.

The ‘only in Canada’ trivia questions will cover a range of topics and, as always, hold a few surprises. “This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of our country’s diverse history in an entertaining way,” says Walton, “while also raising funds for the important work of the CV Council of Canadians.”

The Chapter, with the funds raised, hosts and supports a variety of workshops, open houses, public forums, and rallies as part of their community outreach and educational campaigns.

The evening also features a 50/50 draw, with proceeds donated to Fair Vote Comox Valley. This passionate group of volunteers was created to inform voters about proportional representation in preparation for BC’s upcoming referendum on electoral reform.

Raffle, door prizes, refreshments, savoury items and sweet favourites round out the delicious fun and fundraising of the Oh Canada! Team Trivia Night.

Whatever your current level of Canadiana expertise, this is a great chance to test your knowledge and challenge your recollection of Canada’s rich arts, cultural, sports and social history in an exhilarating community event.

Individual quizzers and teams of eight must pre-register by June 4 with Kathie Woodley at: (250) 334-4608 or: cvcouncilofcanadians@gmail.com $12 per person includes a ticket for a chance to win one of the door prizes. Saturday, June 16 at the Rotary Hall – Filberg Center, Courtenay – 411 Anderton Road. Doors open 6 pm, 7 pm start time.

Answer: Maple tree

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