LFG Townhall Video

Liquefied Fracked Gas: Risky Economic and Ecological Business. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE2ND6CTIek&feature=youtu.be

lng-tankerA video of the townhall event with Emma Lui, national water campaigner for the Council of Canadians and Ben Parfitt, policy analyst for Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The BC government has made extravagant claims about the benefits to British Columbians regarding LNG development – but were they just election promises? Realistically, how many jobs will be created? The lower global prices, an increased supply of natural gas on the market, and a tax and royalty regime that has been roundly criticized for favouring industry, will there be any significant economic benefits for British Columbians? What will the consequences be for our environment and for Canada’s climate change commitments? How does the Site C dam fit into the picture? What are the effects of fracking on our fresh water supplies?

Thanks to Kayla McDonald Video Productions and Chris Smith of Heavyset Media for donating their time, equipment and expertise to the Comox Valley Council of Canadians in the making of this video.

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