Let the Electoral Reform Committee Know What You Want

Just a few weeks left to provide your input to the special parliamentary committee on voting reform before they wrap up their consultations and begin to write their final recommendations to government.

The online survey set up by the committee is a great way for you to let them know before October 7 you want a voting system where every vote counts.

The survey will ask you some general questions about what is wrong with our current first-past-the-post system and what you think of various voting systems. Remember that first-past-the-post and Alternative Vote (the first two systems the survey asks about) are NOT proportional representation ( PR).

There is room at the end of the survey for additional comments – so make sure you emphasize that PR is the way to go.  You could also comment on which type of PR you like best.

To access the online survey https://survey-sondage-hoc.parl.gc.ca/TakeSurveyPage.aspx?s=0d6f61512d6a49108ec8370a88135ce7&tsid=8b757f288d264f85b589054aeb80fa47&c=en-CA

For some further resources on electoral reform from Leadnow, check out http://www.votebetter.ca/resources

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