An Active Victoria Day Weekend

Saturday, May 21 was a busy day for the Comox Valley Chapter.

Volunteers at our Council of Canadians table talked with the crowds who came to enjoy Cumberland Market Day, informing them about campaigns the Chapter is currently working on.

Interested passers-by signed up for the Chapter’s monthly e-newsletter and signed BC Health Coalition letters to Health Minister Terry Lake asking him to ban pay-for-plasma clinics in BC. There were also letter writing tips and contact information for those who were interested in writing their own letters to the Minister.

In collaboration with CUPE, information flyers were distributed encouraging residents to vote no to a 30 year contract with an unknown private corporation in an upcoming referendum on a much needed local wastewater system. Information was provided on the concerns around corporate control of waste water systems, as well as options that could be considered.

In a joint campaign with the Dogwood Initiative, contact information was collected from people who want to be reminded to attend a public meeting and to complete an online survey as part of the public input component of a new tree by-law being drafted by the City of Courtenay.

Later in the day, members of the Chapter carried the Council of Canadians banner in the Comox Valley March Against Monsanto.

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