Ban Pay-for-Plasma Clinics

A pay-for-plasma company, Canadian Plasma Resources, has applied for a license to set up three clinics in BC. This company has already set up a clinic in Saskatoon and is offering donors a $25 gift card in exchange for their blood products.

This flies in the face of Justice Krever’s recommendation after the tainted blood scandal of the 1980’s that the safest blood collection system is voluntary.

It is prohibited in Canada to sell any human body part, including sperm, eggs, embryos and blood products.

There are only 4 countries in the world where donors are paid for their blood products and the World Health Organization is recommending that they be phased out by 2020.

The plasma that is collected in the proposed clinics will be sold internationally to Big Pharma to make pharmaceutical products. It will not be used in Canada.

Ontario and Quebec already have legislation prohibiting the licensing of for-profit-plasma clinics. BC needs to do the same.

Opposition spokesperson, Judy Darcy, introduced a private member’s bill in the Legislature on May 10 – the Safe Blood for BC Act. Sadly, private members bills are rarely accepted for a second reading by this government.

Let your MLA know that you don’t want to see pay-for-plasma clinics in BC. Phone and leave a message at their constituency office or their legislative office. Ask them to support legislation to ban on pay-for-plasma clinics, similar to that passed in Ontario.

For Comox Valley residents, Don McRae’s constituency office number is 250-733-2422. His Victoria office number is 250-356-0963.

If you have more time, use the tips and contact information to write a letter asking for a ban on  Pay for Plasma clinics.

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