Up for a Little Activism on Water Issues?

Did you miss the Celebrate Water! event on March 19?

Now is your opportunity to provide feedback to our provincial and federal governments on these important water issues. It is vital that you make your views known to politicians at all levels.

Water Sustainability Act

BC’s Water Sustainability Act, introduced in the Legislature in 2014, replaced the 100 year old Water Act and received mixed reviews from the environmental community. Although some of the failings of the old Act have been addressed, there remains much concern that the regulations that came into effect on February 29, 2016 do not go far enough. Some key issues have not been addressed.

Click here for contact information and writing points you can use to send letters to Premier Clark, Minister of the Environment Mary Polak, and MLA Don McRae.WSA letter

National Water Issues

The new Government of Canada is faced with dealing with many issues around water, from extended boil-water advisories in First Nations communities to an environmental assessment process that fails to take into account the rights of communities to protect their drinking water.

During the election, the Liberals made many promises.  It is up to us to make sure they keep those promises.

Click here for contact information and writing points you can use to send letters to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and MPs Gord Johns and Rachel Blaney.Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

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