BC’s Climate Leadership Plan Public Consultation

BC’s Climate Leadership Team has put forward 32 recommendations, designed to help the province reduce carbon pollution while maintaining a strong economy.
Key recommendations include:
• Increasing B.C.’s carbon tax by $10 per tonne per year starting in 2018 (and using the incremental revenue to lower the PST from 7% to 6%, protect low-income households and implement measures to maintain the competitiveness of emissions-intensive, trade-exposed industry);
• Cutting methane emissions from the natural-gas sector by 40% within five years;
• Committing to 100% renewable energy on the electricity grid by 2025 (except where fossil fuels are required for backup);
• Requiring new buildings to be so energy-efficient that they would be capable of meeting most of their annual energy needs with onsite renewable energy within the next 10 years (and starting in 2016 for new public buildings);
• Requiring an increasing percentage (rising to 30% by 2030) of light-duty vehicles sold in the province to be zero-emission vehicles;
• Reviewing the Climate Leadership Plan every five years.
At a minimum, a strong Climate Leadership Plan must include a commitment to implement all of the Climate Leadership Team’s recommendations. According to the team, the government must adopt the entire package of recommendations to put B.C. on a “credible pathway” to meeting its legislated 2050 emissions target.
Show your support for a strong Climate Leadership Plan and the economic and environmental opportunities it would provide for the province.
Read the Consultation Guide and submit your comments by March 25. Write a letter to the editor and spread the word on social media. This is a conversation we should all be involved in.
For further background information, check out the Pembina Institute’s webinar series.
The first two webinars are available to view ( and there’s still time to register for the last two: Carbon Tax: Developer and local government perspectives and Maintaining a strong economy while moving ahead with climate policy.

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