Laughs provided by Parliament Hill? For real.

Stephen Harper: The Musical! OR How To Survive & Thrive in the Dying Days of the Empire of Oil
TorontoSHTMJames Gordon’s full-length musical play, Stephen Harper: The Musical, returns to the Comox Valley, May 16, refreshed and ready to deliver a stern—but funny—reprimand. After numerous successful sessions across the country in the past 18 months, SHTM has kept up to date with the repeat offences and growing shame of our nation’s capital.

Originally written in 2013, this newly updated edition examines the current Canadian political climate through songs, rants, visuals, puppets… and a little bit more attitude.

Gordon visited the valley in November 2013, playing two well-attended shows in Comox.
“We recognize we’re not necessarily going to convert any committed Harper supporters to the bright side, but offer merely a moment of levity to combat a growing dark cloud in Canada’s history,” says tour presenter, Kera McHugh of Tinshack Creative.
Gordon’s sharp-witted satire and not-too-untrue one-man show, (well, two if you count the somewhat disturbing Harper Dummy!) features 20 original songs, spoken word, hundreds of projected images, audience participation, and an activist’s passion to show where we are and where we can go as a nation.
The timing is right for this innovative (and entertaining) work. So many Canadians are feeling that their voice is not being heard under the “Harper Government”. What can we do about this? Audiences can find out, and have a fun theatrical evening at the same time! No matter what your stripes, there are laughs to be had – and maybe just a little swearing.
Gordon’s professional credentials are stellar. As a solo singer-songwriter and with the ground-breaking trio Tamarack, he has released over forty albums, and has toured relentlessly around the world. Gordon has written for symphony orchestras, musical theatre and dance works, film scores, and for more than ten years was heard on CBC radio as songwriter-in-residence for the “Basic Black” and “Ontario Morning” programs. His songs have been recorded and performed by such varied acts as The Cowboy Junkies, Melanie Doane, Al Simmons, James Keelaghan, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, and many major choirs. (His songs can be heard at His classic “Frobisher Bay” has been recorded and performed by hundreds of acts world-wide and was an audition piece for “Canadian Idol.”
Equally skilled as a playwright, using musical theatre as a vehicle for pointed social commentary, Gordon’s plays include “Hardscrabble Road” (about homelessness and globalization issues), “Nastee’ Business” (about the bottled water scam), and “Tryst and Snout” (a hillbilly adaptation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”). Gordon is a councillor in his hometown of Guelph, Ontario, and also ran for the provincial NDP seat in his riding.
Presented locally by Comox Valley Council of Canadians, join them for one show only: Saturday May 16 at Cumberland United Church at 7:30pm. Come for a light-hearted evening of serious political satire. Bring a friend who’s on the fence. Bring teens who are on the verge of their first vote. Bring your sense of humour… and outrage.
Tickets available online at, or at Bop City Records, Cumberland Village Bakery and Church St. Bakery.

FMI: Kera McHugh, 250.650.5425,

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