In loving memory of the 2004 Health Accord
Providing stable funding and standardized care for all Canadians

Born in 2004      Expired March 31, 2014      Survived by none

It is with anxiety and grief that we recognize a year has passed since the Canadian Health Accord succumbed without resuscitation or the intention of renewal by order of our present Conservative government.

Since that event, our Canadian publicly funded health care system has been without federal leadership, the security of stable funding, oversight or standardization of service from region to region.

Without a renewal, our Health Accord will be sorely missed by every Canadian who believes they have an affordable, publicly funded and administered, universally accessible, comprehensive and portable health care system.

A Memorial Service is planned for Tuesday, March the 31st outside St. Joseph’s Hospital between 11:30am and 1:00pm .

Please join the Comox Valley Council of Canadians and the Health Employees’ Union in a rally to remember what is lost and what we dearly wish to regain.  Bring your placards and your friends.

For more information, call Kathie 250-334-4608

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