Free Trade: Basic Issues

ElderCollege Short Course   CVEC – 6435

February 27, 2015       1:00 – 5:00 pm, North Island College
Instructor: Alice de Wolff

Come spend a Friday afternoon with Alice getting up to speed on the current agreements the federal government is negotiating and the issues these raise for us in the Comox Valley.

PM Harper has said that the agreement with Europe will be the largest Canada has ever made. Others point out that current trade agreements are not simply about the exchange of goods. They are also creating the architecture for a new set of corporate and investor rights that have the potential to make it even more difficult to protect our environment, labour standards, agriculture, food sources, human rights, health care, access to the internet … and more.

Alice’s presentation is informal, with lots of discussion and background printed information.
ElderCollege makes it possible to keep learning about a wide variety of things – including this key aspect of how our economy and society are changing.
Register on-line at ($10). Click on the “Registration Available” button. You will be asked to become a member of ElderCollege (open to everyone over age 55) ($10) and to register for the course ($10). Registration is open between Jan 26 and the week of the course. If you have difficulty, or if the course is full and you wish to be on a waitlist, please contact 250-334-5000 ext. 4602 or . Or contact Alice de Wolff and she will try to help – at

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