Take Action to Protect Public Health Care

I heart public health care

Take the Medicare Pledge at www.medicare.ca/medicare-pledge

As a Canadian, I believe access to quality health care must be based on need, not ability to pay.
Our public health care reflects those values of equality and fairness.
We must improve our public health care for everyone, instead of expanding private for-profit services that benefit only a few.
I pledge my support for the protection and improvement of public health care in Canada.

Send a message to your MP, asking him or her to stand up for public health care www.saveourhealthcare.ca

The BC government needs to hear that Canadians expect patients and public funds to be protected from those who put profit before care. The BC government needs to follow the medicare law and enforce full compliance by for-profit clinics , including audits of all potential violators, restitution for victims who were unlawfully extra-billed, and real consequences for breaking the law.

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