Mt Polley Mining Disaster

On September 12, the Freshwater Alliance and the Council of Canadians hosted an interactive webinar on the Mt Polley disaster. It featured presentations from presentations from Jacinda Mack of the Xastull First Nations, Ramsey Hart from Mining Watch, and Amy Crook from the Fair Mining Collaborative with up to date info on what’s happening on the ground now and what is being planned for the future.

As a follow-up, here are some useful information links as well as an action you can take and share with your group or community and networks.

A. Donate and fundraise to support the response efforts of the Xatsull First Nation and the Williams Lake Indian Band: Their territories are directly impacted by the mining disaster and they are working around the clock to hold the BC government and Imperial Metals accountable via engaging in negotiations, hiring their own experts and technical teams, undertaking independent testing, and also considering legal options. They need your support in funding these critical efforts.
You can send your donation to: The Royal Bank of Canada, NStQ Mining Disaster Fund – Account number 08640-1008457, or mail to NStQ Mining Disaster Fund, c/o Northern Shuswap Tribal Council, #17 S 1st Ave, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1H4.
You can also plan a fundraising event in your community to not only raise funds to support these frontline communities, but to also raise awareness about the disaster and keep the pressure on the government and Imperial Metals in the aftermath. If you are interested in organizing a fundraising or public event, please contact Leila Darwish at
B. Keep the Pressure Up and Public Scrutiny On the Clean Up Efforts
In the weeks and months to come, we will all need to keep the pressure and public scrutiny on Imperials Metals and BC government when it comes to properly responding to the Imperial Metals Mount Polley Mine disaster and providing the necessary support to local communities whose lives have been affected by the tailings spill. The residents of Likely still do not have access to safe drinking water. The tailings spilled by Imperial Metals still continue to contaminate the surrounding lands and watershed. Concerns continue as to how effectively Imperial Metals will clean up their mess and whether the government will push them to do the best job possible. We need your help in keeping the pressure up and the spotlight on this disaster – from writing letters to the editor to your local paper to organizing public events and actions, to repeatedly calling and emailing the Premier and Ministers involved!
Call or email Premier Clark and Ministers Mary Pollak and Bennet to:

1- Demand that a full cleanup of this disaster occurs as quickly as possible! Demand that Imperial Metals clean up its mess and removes ALL tailings from Hazeltine Creek!
2- Demand that Imperial Metals and the BC government provide the directly impacted community of Likely with clean and safe drinking water. Residents continue to fear for their health and question the safety of their drinking water coming from Quesnel Lake. Residents continue to have minimal access to clean water, and with winter approaching, the access will be further limited in this rural and mountain community. Likely residents must be provided with clean, accessible, safe options for their water needs – the government and Imperial Metals must rectify this situation IMMEDIATELY!
Contact information:
Premier Christie Clark:
ph:250 387-1715
Minister of Environment – Mary Polak:
ph:250 387-1187/604 514-8206
Minister of Energy and Mines – Bill Bennett:
ph: 250 387-5896/250 417-6022
1. Youtube Link for the Responding to Mount Polley Mining Disaster Webinar: If you missed the webinar or wish to share it with others, go to:
2. RadioBed Interview with Jacinda Mack from Xatsull First Nation on the Mount Polley Mining

3. An overview of the disaster by Ramsey Hart of Mining Watch:
4. Send a copy of your concerns and questions to Jacinda Mack, of Xat’sull First Nation:
Thanks for tuning in,
Leila Darwish
BC-Yukon Regional Organizer
The Council of Canadians
PS – Watch another recent webinar hosted by Idle No More and Defenders of the Land on the Mount Polley Mining Disaster:

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