Questions we need to be asking about LNG in British Columbia

• When will the province commission a proper cumulative impact study and full risk/benefit analysis on the seven approved LNG projects?

• Why are so many public subsidies necessary for shale gas development including free water, low royalties and tax-payer funded geoscience?

• Given that BC’s shale gas resources use three times more water than any other North American shale plays, why does the government give this water away for free?

• What are the methane leakage rates for shale gas fields and infrastructure in BC?

• Why has the authority to grant water permits been placed in the hands of the Oil and Gas Commission? Is this not a conflict of interest?

• According to energy expert David Hughes, the National Energy Board calculates that Canada will have no more than 4.5 billion cubic feet a day of natural gas export capacity by 2035. Yet it has approved 14.6 bcf/day in 2020. Why?

• Why has BC adopted the riskiest royalty/rent model (HIS CERA) for the owners of the natural resource that earns very little money up front?

• Are there any controls on foreign ownership of LNG in BC?

-compiled by Andrew Nikiforuk

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