Canada’s Water in Peril

Filmmaker David Lavallees’ award-winning investigative documentary WHITE WATER BLACK GOLD sends a strong message about the current and potential future impacts of the Alberta tar sands mining on land, water, communities and wildlife.
white water In February 2014, new federal research strongly backed suspicions that toxic chemicals from Alberta’s vast tar sands tailing ponds are leaching into groundwater and seeping into the Athabasca River – perhaps explaining why First Nations living downstream are being diagnosed with rare cancers at high rates.
New science also shows that water resources in an era of climate change will be increasingly scarce. The proposed upgrading of bitumen could endanger multiple river systems that make up about half of Canada’s water supply. New oil pipelines planned across British Columbia bring these threats to rivers, salmon and the Pacific Ocean.
White Water Black Gold is winner of The Best Canadian Film Award at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival; Platinum Documentary Award Winner, Oregon Film Awards; and the John Muir Award at the Yosemite Film Festival.
Thursday, May 15
7:30 pm
Stan Hagen Theatre, North Island College
The screening is co-sponsored with North Island Students’ Union and Cinema Politica Comox Valley
Donations will be accepted

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