Action Against Voter Suppression

The Council ofair-elections-act-buttonf Canadians, Leadnow and the Canadian Federation of Students are organizing a set of protests against the Unfair Elections Act.
Prime Minister Harper is trying to stack the deck before the 2015 election by raising campaign spending limits for big-money donors and making it harder for youth, low-income and Aboriginal people to vote.
Now it’s a race to the finish. This government is hoping they can pass the elections law in the next few weeks – before more Canadians learn about the threat to our voting rights.
We need to show Conservative MPs that people in their home ridings oppose this law, and there will be real political consequences if they pass it without making major changes to defend the basic integrity of our elections.
Join us at noon on Tuesday, March 25, at the, 576 England Avenue in Courtenay.
To confirm that you will be attending

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