Bottled Life: The Truth About Nestlé’s Business With Water

What price does Nestlé’, the world’s largest multinational bottled water company, pay for taking 265 million liters of fresh water every year from a well in Hope, BC? Nothing. Not one cent. Nestlé extracts BC drinking water for free, then sells it back to Canadians in a plastic bottle. What kind of arrangement is this, in a time when smart water management should be an economic and social cornerstone?

Find out more at a free documentary screening of Bottled Life: The Truth About Nestlé’s Business With Water on Tues. March 11, 7:30 pm at The Stan Hagen Theatre at North Island College. The event is hosted by the North Island Students’ Union, the Comox Valley Chapter of the Council of Canadians and Cinema Politica.

The documentary Bottled Life brings into focus one of today’s most important issues as it traverses the globe to explore food giant Nestlé’s water bottling practices. The journey reveals the destabilizing consequences and strategies of the largest, most powerful food and beverage company on the planet.

This documentary had its successful premiere on the European TV channel ARTE and several festival participations around the world.  Almost 1 million people watched “Bottled Life” on ARTE, and 120,000 viewers visited ARTE to see the film after its premiere.

This screening of Bottled Life is a kickoff to the Comox Valley’s Bottled Water Free Day on Fri. March 14, World Water Day on Saturday March 22, and the Vancouver Island Water Watch Conference “Our Water Our Future” being held in Courtenay May 23-24. Across Canada and around the world, people are raising a glass to say yes to public drinking water and taking a stand against the predatory privatization of this natural resource. More people are questioning the growing corporate control of water due to the heavy social and environmental toll and lost economic value that the bottled water industry inflicts on communities.

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