Water Sustainability Act

The Government of BC needs to hear from YOU.  By providing feedback we can ensure that the new Act protects BC’s water for all of us, now and in the future.


·         Post a comment on the blog

·         Email a letter outlining your top three priorities, (cc MLA Don McRae and local government reps)

·         Mail or fax your submission letter

Or, for the most impact, DO ALL THREE

In your submission:

Acknowledge the positives

  • ·         Long-awaited regulation of groundwater
  • ·         Review of water licence periods and conditions,
  • ·         Possibility of shared decision making in community watersheds

Some areas of concern

  • ·         Inadequate consultation with First Nations,
  • ·         No binding standards to guarantee water for fish, wildlife and stream health
  • ·         No review of licences for at least 30 years,
  • ·         Low water use fees (85 cents/2 million litres of ground water)
  • ·         No role for public in considering new licences or in appealing licences
  • ·         Possibility that oil & gas and forestry industries will be exempt from regulations
  • ·         Environmental flows, First Nations water uses and drinking water needs must take precedence over current First in Time, First in Right

Useful links

WWF – 10 Reasons Why We Need a New Water Act  http://awsassets.wwf.ca/downloads/wwf_water_act_web.pdf

 Fresh Water Alliance Toolkit (tips for your response)


 West Coast Environmental Law


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