Fracking BC

There has been a consistent lack of information-sharing and public consultation by the provincial government, troubling given the potential for massive increases in freshwater and hydro power usage.

Did You Know……

  • Despite Premier Clark’s promise to produce “the cleanest” natural gas in the world, the three plants already approved for BC will produce 3 times more carbon per tonne than the cleanest facilities in Norway and Australia
  • Shale gas in northern BC is among the world’s most uneconomic – despite low royalties, free water, subsidized geoscience and subsidized road construction
  • Regulation of ground water withdrawals and other industry activities is in the hands of BC’s Oil and Gas Commission whose mandate is to facilitate energy industry expansion
  • Currently most of BC’s gas is exported to Alberta to be used in tar sands production
  • When all the emissions (including methane and CO2 releases) associated with fracking and its aftermath are factored in, shale gas may well be as dirty as coal
  • In 2007, oil, gas and mining accounted for less than 1% of provincial employment, but nearly 1/3 of industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

We all stand to pay more for residential hydro power so that the shale gas industry can continue to pay its reduced rates.

Take Action to Stop Fracking

Sign the Council of Canadians’ petition

Why is BC subsidizing a polluting industry rather than developing a true green jobs plan? We cannot base our economy on the steady depletion of non-renewable, polluting fuels.

Share your concerns with

Premier Christy Clark     

Don McRae, MLA                    

Minister of Environment, Hon. Mary Polack

Minster of Energy and Mines, Hon. Bill Bennett 


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