Fair Vote Workshop

fairvote canadaThink Elections are Fair and Democratic?

During democracy week, Sept. 15 – 21, there will be a meeting hosted by a local team of Fair Vote Canada for the North Island. Fair Vote Canada is a grassroots multi-partisan citizens’ campaign for voting system reform which promotes the introduction of an element of proportional representation (PR) into elections. PR is any voting system designed to produce a representative body like a parliament, legislature or council where voters elect representatives in proportion to votes.

Because elections play a central role in modern democracies, the particular formula used to translate votes into seats in governments is especially important. Recently some countries have questioned their electoral systems and the democratic values they reflect, and have instituted change. Canada, for the most part, has been hesitant to experiment with electoral change. However a growing number of Canadians are interested in critically examining the existing electoral system and feel it is time to change the way we cast our votes.

Come and join us for an informative evening, Thursday, September 19th , 7:00 – 9:00 pm in the private workshop room at the Little Red Church, 243 Alpine Street, corner of Comox Avenue. We will view and discuss some entertaining and informative videos about our present electoral system and how it compares to a more representative type of system. Your ideas and enthusiasm are welcome! For more information call 250-890-9007.

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