EAO Rejects Raven Coal Mine Application

On May 16, 2013, after evaluating Compliance Coal Corporation’s (Compliance) Environmental Assessment Certificate (Application), the Environmental Assessment Office ( EAO) has sent a letter to Compliance stating that the Application does not contain the required information and has decided not to accept the Application for detailed review.

The EAO has prepared a 144 page summary document that identifies the major information requirements that the EAO considers not to have been adequately addressed in the Application. The missing information must be included if Compliance chooses to resubmit another Application.

Some of the major information requirements listed in the EAO summary document centered around hydrology issues, consultation with the First Nations, and mine reclamation.

Compliance may resubmit another Application, but in the view of Raven Mine Action this EAO rejection is a major hurdle for Compliance in its attempts for project approval. It’s unclear when or if Compliance might resubmit another Application.

There’s no doubt public scrutiny, and the cumulative actions of many, played a large role in the EAO decision. Thank you for your efforts and involvement.

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