Coming to Comox Valley 7pm, May 27 Little Red Church (formerly St. John the Baptist Church)
2182 Comox Avenue, Comox

Building Opposition to Canada’s Corporate “Trade” Agenda

An Evening with Stuart Trew Trade Campaigner, Council of Canadians

and Brenda Sayers, Hupacasath First Nation

Free trade and investment deals like NAFTA promote and lock in the rights of corporations to make a profit.  At the same time they undermine the ability of communities to make decisions in their own best interest. Every new deal takes the corporate agenda a step further, and they are virtually impossible to cancel once ratified.  The Canadian Government has signed, or is in the process of negotiating and seeking to ratify a variety of new corporate rights treaties.

With corporate globalization stalled in the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Harper government is engaging in both bi-lateral and multi-lateral negotiations to further their “trade agenda” and have been boasting about the number of trade agreements they have signed.  These “next generation” deals include the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations which Canada joined this past December, and countless investor rights pacts called Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreements (FIPA / FIPPA).  What they put in place is a network of new legal, extra-governmental structures that we all need to know about.

Opposition to these deals has been building.  Over 80 municipalities have passed resolutions in opposition to the CETA negotiations, the Hupacasath First Nation has launched a constitutional challenge to the Canada-China FIPA ratification and communities are beginning to organize and inform themselves about the TPP.

The Council of Canadians is hosting this event in order to build collective opposition to all of these agreements. The opposition demonstrated at meetings in Seattle and Quebec City permanently wounded the WTO and stopped the Free Trade Area of the Americas.  In that sprit we hope events like this across the country will bring our vibrant movements back into the streets to derail negotiations and dismantle these agreements.


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