Salmon Confidential Take Action

emotionheaderSalmon Confidential is a powerful new documentary that all British Columbians should see.  It talks about the discovery of European viruses in BC salmon; the role that salmon farms play in the epidemic; and attempts by federal agencies to suppress these findings by silencing and discrediting scientists, including several whose expertise is acknowledged globally. The film makes connections between such issues as the environmental degradation causing the collapse of BC wild salmon populations, the destruction of local economies in favour of international trade relations, the abandonment of good science as a basis for policy-making, and the threat to the Canadian public’s “right to know” as the basis of democratic process.  A number of scientific experts appear in the film, including Alexandra Morton, who continues to do independent field work on this issue with no support from any Canadian agency.

If you didn’t see this film when it was sponsored here in the Valley by our chapter and World Community, you can watch it now at Information is supplied on the website to help you let MLA candidates and provincial leaders know that you want salmon farms off all salmon migration routes.

If you’d like to make sure that more people know about this issue, you can send an email to any of the following programs to encourage them to do a feature on the subject.
Fifth Estate            
CBC Go Public            
BC Almanac              

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