Resolution opposing development of Raven Coal Mine

A resolution opposing the development of the Raven Underground Coal Mine Project was passed at the Annual General Meeting of the Council of Canadians in Nanaimo on October 28, 2012.

The motion was introduced by Linda Safford of Comox Valley Water Watch Coalition and member of the Comox Valley Chapter of the Council of Canadians.  Safford emphasized the risk to local water tables, aquifers and watersheds that provide drinking water for Valley residents.  Despite requests from all local governments in the Comox Valley, these aquifers and watersheds have not been adequately mapped.

Safford also pointed out the potential impact to the economically important Baynes Sound shellfish industry and its 600 sustainable jobs.

“We have been asking the proponent for three years how much water will be used to wash the coal, how will waste water from the mine be dealt with, and how will our watershed be protected,” added Safford. “We have yet to receive an answer. “

John Snyder, President of CoalWatch Comox Valley welcomed the news of the motion opposing the Raven Coal.

“The Council of Canadians have added their name to a growing  list of organizations and groups, who are opposed to this massive coal  mine proposal near Fanny Bay, BC, said Snyder.  “I look forward to working closely with the Council of Canadians, both locally, regionally and nationally, as we move forward in our steadfast opposition to the Raven Coal Mine Project.”

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